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Atlanta, GA

United States

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My expertise (and interests) are in: 3D Animation & Modeling, Adobe (Fl, Dw, Ps, etc) cartooning, Photography, Psychology, REALbasic, Web Design & Media Production.

I am also studying accounting, law, & programming and am learning amazing things on a daily basis.

My full-time career is subject to change, given the right opportunities. My work is considered my life, so I take it very seriously - I have been in the retail industry for 10 years and I am currently on-track for a management role.

I encourage all employees and students to take the time to invest in Psychology college courses or textbooks, as this helps detox bad work environments and can prevent burn-out.

My current languages are ASL, English, Spanish, some French, and I am starting to learn the basics in German, Polish, Russian.

I am an excellent team player and love to learn and grow - If there is something that I can help with, count me in! I live for analyzing situations to come up with the solutions - personnel problems are another favorite, and being the go-to person is fun!

Mentors have taught me that success starts best in first pointing out what has been done right, then performing a show-n-tell to perfect the other things done.

Life is a struggle, so let's see how far we can bring each other ahead :)
Topics I can speak to your group about:
The creative process, art, design, REALbasic, problem-solving, accounting, efficiency, psychology.
Parts of Atlanta I Frequent:
everywhere that I can learn something new or help someone.

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