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Atlanta, GA

United States

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About Me:
My fascination with social media was probably rooted back in 2001 after finishing my degree at Georgia Tech in Computer Science while minoring in Organizational Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.

Along the way I've joined and studied upward of 100+ social networks and probably have accounts in 500+ social media sites.

Then in 2007, I decided to start my own "super niche" network for people with mohawks and see what would happen. Less than 42 months into the experiment we have 4000+ members from 200+ countries and as of Aug 2011 we just had our 1,000,000th visitor. is my 3rd social networking site, and I'm hoping that it will help provide a centralized location for groups in Atlanta to promote their events, and more importantly for visitors to learn of events that they would like to attend.

I constantly hear about events other groups are having that would I love to attend, but always hear too late. Then as president of the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group, I knew we had great topics and speakers that could interest other groups as well.

Here's to staying more informed of all the great networking and learning opportunities our user groups work very hard to provide.

UPDATE: In 2015, I left the J.O.B to help my wife's business, keep growing and to start my own company, Massive Reach, focused on helping businesses in technology, marketing, leadership and digital strategy.
Topics I can speak to your group about:
Digital Strategy Topics: SEO, Email Marketing / MailChimp, Social Media, Analytics, Adwords, Leadership and Productivity
Topics I want to learn more about:
MongoDB, NodeJS, Jekyll, Pardot
User Groups I Have Attended:
Drupal, WordPress, AIMA, AWDG, Agile, ColdFusion, Flex, AtlantaMDF, FoxPro, .Net, C#, InDesign, Flash, Adobe, StartUp, PHP, WordPress
Reasons I Attend Meetings:
There are a list of reasons to attend a meeting:

Speaker, Topic, Networking Opportunity, Price, Location, Food, Possible Prizes, Meeting Friends, Interest in Sponsor, Find a Job, Find an Employee.

Personally things that drive me are friends, topic, location and speaker.
Parts of Atlanta I Frequent:
Live in Dunwoody.
Work at Home.
Can also be found roaming around ATL Tech Village / Buckhead, Georgia Tech / Midtown, Downtown, Perimeter, Highlands and Brookhaven.
How did you find
Its been trying to find me for a long time now.

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  • Marnie W. Katz

    Thanks Cheyenne. I will have to do that.
  • Dave

    Thanks, for accepting my request. We used to have regular ,meetings last year , very sucessfull , attendees and panelist from all around Atlanta. This year we just caught up into few challanges of availbility of our Panelist , but we are working on it . Next Topic Advanced Analytcis
  • Larry Rix

    Hi Cheyenne! I found your site by way of a friend: Kevin Cully, with Cully Technologies who hosts a RealBasic UG here in Atlanta. Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to interacting with the community here over the coming months and years!