Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone had a contact for either Microsoft or Adobe?  We have been wanting to have a presentation on MS products as well as Adobe Products sometime during the next 2-4 months.

So does anyone have a suggestion or recommendation for anyone that could do demonstrations/presentation on either of those companies?



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Hello Mike,

Josh Adams works for Adobe and is a huge proponent for user groups everywhere. He has a mac and an iPhone and regularly speaks to many groups mostly about ColdFusion. I imagine you are looking more for speakers of design tools rather than CF but I'm sure he could still help you in finding a speaker on these products.


Additionally Paul Omeda runs the local InDesign User Group in town and he may be able to present on that topic or know somebody that might work for you guys if that is of interest.


As far as Microsoft, I know you know Glen Gordon and I think he would be an excellent person to get in touch with there.


Finally, utilize the advanced member search on here and put topics into the field "things I can speak about" to find speakers on topics.

Here is a direct link to a search on Microsoft, where you will see Glen show up.

and here is one for "photoshop"

I find this to be a valuable growing resource for both user group managers looking for speakers and for speakers looking to present.

Glen Gordon presented to the AtlPCUG last year some time and was very well received. I believe it is part of his job description to evangelize MS products. However, the Mac Office Suite may be far afield for him.

You should also contact Jim Wooley, who is a member of this group. He is heavily involved in the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals group and could probably help obtain the right resources.


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