I know a lot of the user groups I have attended like to have pizza as their food of choice.

The Atlanta ColdFusion User Group has a formula for calculating how much pizza to buy based upon the number of RSVPs.

How does everyone else determine the amount of food/drinks for your events based upon the RSVP number?

Does anyone from ACFUG know the exact formula to share with everyone else?

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We use 1 pizza = 4 RSVPs. But bear in mind that we do NOT allow RSVPs of Maybe. I think RSVPs of Maybe are very useful to allow, but that's not how the ACFUG site was designed. If you allow RSVPs of Maybe and your people are good about RSVPing, then you probably find that your actual attendance number tracks closely with your number of RSVPs of Yes. In that case, you'll probably want to do something like 1pizza = 3 RSVPs.

Of course, we would have to consider that ACFUG tends to be a male-dominated group, and not exactly the smallest of crews with at least 4 guys over 6'5 that are regulars.

I'd imagine some of the more evenly distributed groups may see a smaller pizza to RSVP ratio. Some groups the .Net groups I believe have even done sandwiches in the past.
In our first year, recruiters provided food for Atlanta Perl Mongers. We were not involved with the formula.

Even before that ended, we began adjourning meetings to a nearby restaurant for food and beverages. We endeavor to keep our meetings to the posted schedule; our after-meetings are unstructured, tend to be more of a social function, and often run late. I think the social component is important in building community. Our approach is similar to what ALE and AtlRUG do.

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